We develop customized marketing strategies for businesses 
to increase their visibility and generate more qualified leads. 
Hi there, I'm Nika 
My team and I help business owners increase profitability by getting more results in less time while producing a consistent flow of qualified leads to grow their business.
 To all Overwhelmed Business Owners
Everyone's talking about bringing more customers to their business, right? 

We all know that it's hard to keep the customers coming in all the time if they don't know about you. What almost no one understands about bringing more customers to your business is the concept of effective marketing that doesn't take all of your time

Marketing success comes from marketing strategy. It’s not random posting on social media that drives visibility, it’s defining and implementing a strategy specifically targeted to your desired audience. 

Stop wasting time on ineffective actions and let’s design the winning strategy that’s built specifically to you and your business.
Just a few of the clients' Results we Brag On:
It all starts with a concise effective marketing strategy created specifically for YOUR business. Then we take names and dominate the industry!
  • Facebook Business Page Likes: $0.11 per like in an industry that's barely allowed to use Facebook ads (firearms)
  • Facebook Messenger Bot: Creating automatic customer service experience including product information and ... yes! Sales! We have built a plethora of these but our biggest one was a $997,000 DAY with a beauty company selling a single product!
  • Influencer Marketing: Getting over 200 social media influencers to promote a supplement and increasing the company sales by over 400%
  •  Qualified leads for a Consulting Business: Doing proper market and competitive analysis and bringing qualified leads that resulted in $10,000 of income in ONE WEEK
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